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Training Your Pet: For Their Safety and Your Sanity

Why train your pet? The most common reasons are to keep your pet safe, and to keep your sanity. Other reasons are to teach your pet not to fear strange animals, people, and places, and to teach them tricks. Our Alisos Animal Hospital team understands the importance of pet training, and offers some guidelines. Pet [...]

July Fourth Pet Safety Checklist

Now that summer is in full swing, many of us are thinking ahead to July Fourth festivities. As life slowly returns to normal, your July Fourth celebration may not be as rowdy as previous years, but you’ll likely still celebrate. However, this exciting holiday, full of food, fireworks, and outdoor activities, is not always much [...]

What Every Pet Owner Needs to Know About COVID-19, the New Coronavirus

Recent headlines have many pet owners spooked, and you may be worrying about the safety of your pet and your family regarding the new coronavirus, COVID-19. Although one dog in China tested positive for COVID-19, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) insist there is no current evidence [...]

Does This Look Normal? 10 Common Lumps and Bumps On Your Pet

Tumor, mass, growth—all these words can strike fear in a pet owner’s heart. For many pet owners, finding an unexpected lump or bump on their furry pal is cause for concern, especially if they’ve lost a pet to cancer before. While some lumps under the skin are malignant cancers that spread to other tissues and [...]

The Root of the Matter: Dental Health Care for Your Pet

We brush and floss our teeth twice per day, rinse with mouthwash, and visit our dentist every six months. Your dog has more teeth than you do, and your cat has a couple less, but what sort of dental care do you offer your furry friends? Many pet owners believe doggy and tuna breath are [...]

5 Steps Toward Keeping Your Pet Healthy in 2020

Keeping your pet healthy with preventive care can help ensure she lives a long and happy life by your side. During your best friend’s routine wellness visits, we will discuss the best ways to prevent disease, enrich her life, and minimize health issues. Follow these five steps to keep your pet healthy in 2020 and [...]

Working Together: Combining Traditional and Holistic Veterinary Medicine

As science and medicine evolve, the concept of whole-body health by instituting healthy habits and routine preventive care is increasingly popular. Many people are seeking alternatives to combat illnesses and stay healthy themselves, which has translated to their pets. While Western medicine and holistic treatments have their place, the real magic happens when they are [...]

5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Adventure with Your Pet

Planning any adventure can be stressful, but when you’re including your pet, many more factors should be considered, including any necessary paperwork, health certificates, identification, medications, and pet-friendly accommodation. Imagine showing up in a tropical location with your pet, only to be told she needs to be quarantined for six months. Prepare in advance to [...]