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Clarifying Curious Canine Conduct

Dogs are amazing creatures, and constant sources for entertainment. We have all watched our dog perform some strange action, and wondered why they would do such a thing. The Alisos Animal Hospital team wants you to wonder no more. We explain the origins of some of these eccentric habits. Question: Why does my dog walk [...]

A Pet Owner’s In-Depth Guide to Holiday Safety

Pets are notorious for getting into mischief when they find intriguing new objects—especially the glitz and glow of holiday decorations. But, cats and dogs can encounter dangerous situations when investigating the tree, gifts, and seasonal treats associated with Christmas and New Year’s Eve. To avoid an emergency veterinary visit during the holiday season, follow our [...]

Questions Every Pet Owner Has About Euthanasia But is Scared to Ask

As your beloved pet nears the end of their time, whether it’s the end of their natural lifespan or they have a terminal illness, making a decision about euthanasia can be incredibly difficult. Many pet owners are scared to ask questions about such a decision, the process itself, and what happens to their pet after [...]

Pudgy Pet? 5 Reasons Why Your Pet Is Gaining Weight

More than half the cats and dogs in the U.S. are overweight or obese, which increases their risk for arthritis, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, respiratory issues, and certain tumors, and can shorten their life expectancy. Like people, many factors—not only simple overfeeding—can cause your pet to gain weight. If your furry pal is [...]

Training Your Pet: For Their Safety and Your Sanity

Why train your pet? The most common reasons are to keep your pet safe, and to keep your sanity. Other reasons are to teach your pet not to fear strange animals, people, and places, and to teach them tricks. Our Alisos Animal Hospital team understands the importance of pet training, and offers some guidelines. Pet [...]

July Fourth Pet Safety Checklist

Now that summer is in full swing, many of us are thinking ahead to July Fourth festivities. As life slowly returns to normal, your July Fourth celebration may not be as rowdy as previous years, but you’ll likely still celebrate. However, this exciting holiday, full of food, fireworks, and outdoor activities, is not always much [...]

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