How To Train Your Collie

Collie PuppiesCollies are energetic and eager to please herding dogs that are intelligent and hard working. It is possible to teach a collie just about anything, however you must approach them properly and keep their basic nature in mind. If you seek out things you and your collie enjoy doing together (this is easy if you love the outdoors) training will feel like less of a chore and more like a fun time for each of you.

Teaching Socialization

All collie puppies need proper socialization. These skills will teach your puppy to be accepting of sights, sounds, other animals, and people. When puppies are effectively socialized they do not experience fear when they meet new people are go to new places outside the confines of their homes. This results in a puppy that is much easier to train and live with. It is a good idea to enroll your puppy into a training class to help develop socialization and obedience skills.

Teaching Corrections

It is common for a collie to be sensitive to their owner's commands. Your collie will want to work hard to meet your expectations; therefore, you should always use positive reinforcement when this occurs. Achieve this through the distribution of treats, as well as praise and interactions as rewards for your collie. This will help your collie repeat these behaviors. Withhold the rewards when a response is incorrect and continue doing so until your puppy makes the correction. Do not make negative corrections or it will cause your puppy to become unsure and fearful

Learn Their Instincts

Remember that collies are dogs that herd. It is natural for them to round up things that are moving, including children and other animals. Unless you intend to use your collie as a herd dog, discourage this behavior. Otherwise, your collie will become pushy. This behavior could cause them to frighten small children or other people entering your property. It is common for a collie to nip and bark with their herding instincts has become aroused. Even though this is not considered aggressive behavior, it appears to be the case for someone who does not know any better.

Teaching Activities

Being active with families is something collies love participating in; therefore, they will likely love this type of training because it affords them to opportunity to spend time with you. When a collie stays active it is good for their mind, body and their overall happiness. It is common for collies to perform well during dog sporting events as well as competitions where herding, agility, rallying, and obedience are all judged. When you spend extra time with your puppy, the bond between the two of you continues to grow deeper. This activity also gives your puppy the opportunity to burn off energy so they are less likely to get themselves into trouble later on. When a puppy is lonely or bored, they tend to act out to their owners or neighbors. Therefore, it is important to give them the proper amount of Mission Viejo dog care and attention they need and deserve.

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