Training And Caring For Your French Bulldog

French Bulldog PuppiesA French bulldog typically has a dwarf mastiff appearance, so they can be small to medium in overall size. This type of dog has broad shoulders, thick neck, deep chest and well developed muscles. Their coat typically is a tan and white or a brindle color, however, they are often seen with a off-white and black coat when not bred to be show dogs. They are excellent companion dogs, because they are playful, but this type of dog does need a great deal of human interaction. When a French bulldog is fully grown, they typically weigh between fifteen to thirty pounds.

Health Considerations

French bulldogs are prone to breathing problems, heat stroke, eye injuries, joint problems and skin problems. High levels of excitement and excessive exercising can pose a potential risk for the health of your French bulldog. When walking him, it is important to not take the dog out in hot, humid weather and he should never be left outside, especially in the heat. The French bulldog should be seen by a Mission Viejo veterinarian on a regular basis for his yearly shots and a routine exam. As he ages, you should take him in to the vet at least twice per year for a checkup and shots. You should feed the French bulldog a healthy diet and make sure he gets plenty of water.


French bulldogs have a smooth, short and fine coat. They are average shedders, so they should be brushed regularly. Regular brushing helps to maintain a healthy, shiny coat and prevents matting. His toenails should be checked regularly and trimmed as soon as needed. The toenails of a French bulldog typically grow slower on the rear feet than those on the front feet, so make sure to examine both the front and rear nails to determine if they need clipped. The teeth should be brushed at least two times each week with a toothbrush and toothpaste specifically designed for dogs. Without regular brushing your French bulldog will be at risk of get periodontal disease, which can be extremely painful, cause teeth loss and lead to other serious health problems.


A French bulldog is typically an attentive and easy to train dog, but you will have to be diligent in the training. Once your French bulldog has become accustomed to you and a routine, he will be typically be compliant in training. This type of dog does have very low energy and they make a good family pet; however, it is important to introduce them to children while they are puppies. They usually do better with older children, simply because of their lack of energy and lack of tolerance. They will tolerate other dogs, if they are introduced during the puppy stage.

French bulldogs are the ideal pet for people who live in apartments, because they are overly active and they require little exercise. These dogs tend to snore frequently, are known have excessive drooling and slobbering and they are extremely sensitive to heat. However, they make excellent pets and love attention from their human counterparts.

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