Ugly Dog

U.G.L.Y. Dog


About two years ago I found myself at the Orange County Animal Shelter trying to find my lost tortoise. We had poor fencing at our home so he was constantly escaping to the pond below our house. Somehow he ended up at the pound and I needed to go pick him up. As I was making my way down the aisles, at the pound, passing cage after cage of dogs, my eyes welled up and my heart began to ache as it always does when I see an animal in need. I was able to look at three or four dogs before it became unbearable so I focused on the ground instead of having to make eye contact with one of the dogs. I felt hopeless and overwhelmed because I knew many of these dogs would be put to sleep. There were just too many unwanted dogs and not enough money or space to keep them for long.

After finding my tortoise, while making my way to the office to pay, I ran smack into the kennel of a large, white, pit-bull mix. He just stared at me, quietly watching me watch him. He was not the most attractive dog, and his cage card indicated that he had been there for a while. He looked defeated and seemed to have a sense he was not going to be leaving the pound. I sat in front of his kennel talking to him and reassuring him he would find a new home soon. He looked as helpless as I felt. I took a picture of him and decided I would try to find him a home myself. I left feeling hopeful.

After checking with a client that I thought may want him but did not at the time, he faded from my memory; life goes on. A short time later I had to go again to pick up my tortoise. I headed straight for the cage I had seen my white dog in last. He was gone. I had no idea if he was adopted out or if he ended up like so many other dogs. I have had guilt and thought about this dog on and off for two years.

UGLY Dog was created because of the white dog I can’t get out of my mind. Our goal is to help one unwanted dog at a time find a forever home. Dr. Bahou and I will go to an animal control center and find a dog that has been there for a long time and is unwanted…an UGLY dog. We will adopt the dog and keep him until we can find him/her a new home. Once a home is secured we will go back and do it all over again with another dog. This will be our small way of helping an unwanted dog find a home, one dog at a time. We have wonderful, loving staff members working for us so every UGLY dog will be well cared for and loved until we can find a home for them.

How you can help? Help us find a home for each of our UGLY dogs, by spreading the word for us. We will post a picture of the dog on our website and Facebook page. If you are looking to adopt a dog or know of someone who may be interested, have them call us and we will set up a meet and greet with our UGLY dog.

Dr. Bahou and Tina

Noodles has been adopted!

He found a family to love and care for him forever. He is happy and adjusting well, and the family that adopted him are wonderful people whom we have known for a long time.

Off to find UGLY dog #2! We will keep you posted.

IMG_000611 IMG_00741We would like to introduce our very first UGLY dog!  His name is Noodles, and as you can see from his before and after pictures, he has come a long way!  He loves long walks and sneaking into bed to snuggle with you.  He has gone home with several of our employees, and we can all report back that he is a love bug and very well behaved around other dogs…cats are questionable at this point.

He is not quite ready to be adopted but if you are interested, or no someone who may be interested, let us know and we will set up a meet and greet.